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Time to Kill, at Books That Leave You Breathless

Time To Kill Hill-TimeToKill-200x300is now available at Amazon, and I’m at Val Pearson’s blog, Books That Leave You Breathless, talking about it, and why I like writing (and reading) series books. Of course I have to mention my favorite TV series Parenthood, which ended this week.

Hope you’ll check it out!



Time to Kill, available now:



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Now available for pre-order: Time To Kill by Jamie Hill

Hill-TimeToKill-200x300Time To Kill
Witness Security, Book 2

US Marshal Jordan Burke is happy for her partner when he takes a month off for paternity leave, but she’s not happy about her substitute partner. Nick Pierce worked for the Topeka Witsec office years ago and left under less than the best of circumstances. When he’s asked to fill in he hesitates, but curiosity about Jordan makes him accept the job. The minute he sees her again he doesn’t regret his decision. From Atlanta to Los Angeles, Jordan and Nick discover that danger, and help, can come from the strangest sources. While they struggle to protect their witnesses, the bigger challenge seems to be keeping each other alive. And there’s always the possibility that they might kill each other first.

“Ms. Hill has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don’t expect. Two thumbs up!” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

Available Jan. 31, 2015. Pre-order your copy now!



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Books We Love Saves Christmas

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99 Cent Sale at Amazon ~ Blame it on the Stars by Jamie Hill

altBlame it on the Stars
The Blame Game, Book One

Teacher Catlin McCall has second thoughts about dating the father of a student, but listening to his sweet talk one night under the stars, she finds him hard to resist. They stumble into an impetuous, passionate relationship which leaves them breathless and his family less than thrilled. A not-quite-ex-wife who decides she wants her man back, combined with a pair of manipulative teenagers, make for more problems than either of them are prepared to deal with.

Steve Naughton has no idea when he invites Catlin’s brother to join them for dinner that his fiancee has family issues of her own. Like the old adage, no good deed goes unpunished, and Steve’s surprise backfires when the truth comes to light.

“You feel like your life got thrown up in the air, and it’s landing as a different sort of life? Yeah, me too.”  Blame it on the stars.

“Ms. Hill is one of my favorite authors and I’m reminded of that each time I read one of her books. She has a talent for taking the reader on a journey with unforgettable characters while developing a plot line that is highly entertaining.” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews



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Family Secrets ~ now on sale for only 99 cents

Hill-FamilySecrets200x300As if stumbling over a dead body isn’t enough, Crystal Cartwright finds herself playing surrogate mother to two small boys when their father–her neighbor–doesn’t come home. The kids aren’t much trouble, but the thieves, drug dealers and kidnappers they’re about to encounter are.

Detective Jack Dunlevy, a cop down on his luck, draws the cases no one else wants. A simple investigation involving a dead homeless man quickly changes as Crystal enlists Jack’s help with the children. Drawn into a mystery that none of them could have anticipated, they’re faced with a situation that will change their lives forever.

“Ms. Hill is a genius! The plot line was AMAZING. It was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time. Ms. Hill has become a favorite author of mine and I consider her to be an automatic add to my “to be read list”. If you are a serious suspense loving reader who loves to form bonds with the characters, this is definitely the book for you! I loved it and can’t wait to read more of Ms. Hill’s books, she has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don’t expect. Two thumbs up!” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews, 5 Stars

“Family Secrets is an exciting action filled romantic suspense. The chemistry between the characters in the story is wonderful. The romance is beautiful. These two throw sparks anytime they are together. A fast paced smooth flowing storyline will captivate the readers. The surprise ending is thrilling. This is a definite must read and I highly recommend it to the readers. So be sure to add Family Secrets by Jamie Hill to your reading list, you’ll be glad you did.” ~5 Hearts ~ Anita, The Romance Studio

“Family Secrets is packed full of Intrigue and Suspense with a good healthy dose of sensual heat. Jamie Hill will have you twisting in your seat waiting to know what happens next with this story. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, Jamie throws in yet another stunner. Family Secrets is a recommended read.” ~ 5 Roses ~ Deb, Sensual Reads

“Family Secrets is packed with lots of betrayal and secrets that will make the readers jump in turning each page . . .” ~ 4 Angels ~ Lena C., Fallen Angel Reviews

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Now Available at a Bookstore Near You

Roll Call!  Ten novels, a novella, and several short stories…all available in ebook at ~ My author page is here:

And the exciting news is that now, two of my novels are available by request at a bookstore near you. I’m speaking with my two local stores about carrying them on the shelves, but there are millions of books available out there, so the traditional brick and mortar stores can’t carry them all. Just ask for one of these two titles, and they’ll be able to order it for you.

They’re also available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, and wherever paperbacks are sold.

~ Paperback Writer!!!~ (Hums Beatles song as she continues…)

Hill-PiecesOfThePast-PRINT-525x800-274pgs_smPieces of the Past by Jamie Hill ~ ISBN 9781771452069

Hill-FamilySecrets-PRINT-525x800-274pgs_smFamily Secrets by Jamie Hill ~ ISBN 9781771452700


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Friday Freebits…Blame it on the Sun by Jamie Hill…#frifreebits

fridayfreebitsWelcome to Friday Freebits! Six paragraphs of a current book or a work in progress. I’ll try to choose six good ones for you!

First, the blurb:

Blame it on the Sun
The Blame Ga
me, Book Three

Dave Naughton’s laid-back attitude has cost him two sports writing jobs. Fear of commitment and uncertainty may cost him a whole lot more where his personal life is concerned. He’s summoned home to face his father, the owner of the family business and the one man he really doesn’t want to disappoint. Before the showdown gets underway, Steve Naughton collapses and is taken to the hospital with a serious and frightening ailment.

Carys Connelly knows what she wants and goes after it. When the pretty nurse decides she wants Dave, he’s not sure what to think. Taking matters into her own hands, she wrangles a job as his father’s home health nurse to be closer to Dave. Will she have to whack him over the head before he realizes she might be the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

“Kiss me until I can’t see straight. If we’re tired tomorrow, we’ll blame it on the sun.”

“Jamie Hill has become my favorite author. She always puts in a twist that you don’t see coming. Her books are entertaining to read.” ~ Kay, Amazon


And now the six paragraphs:

Catlin gathered her things and Dave led her out. They were halfway down on the elevator when her eyes filled with tears.

“Come’ere.” Dave pulled her into his arms. “He’s going to be fine. You know he’s just nervous and stressed about all this.”

“I know. But I’ve never seen him this way before. He’s always been the strong one.”

“And he will be again. He just needs to lean on you for a little while. You’re strong, too, Catlin. You were amazing when Chris had his accident. No one knew how you maintained the way you did.”

“That’s because I had your father.”

“And now he has you. Isn’t it great how that works?”



That’s six, sorry! Blame our Friday Freebits Hostess Ginger Simpson for the abruptness, she’s the one who chose to make it six paragraphs…LOL

Stop by Ginger’s blog and see who else is playing Friday Freebits:

Come back next week for more fun!

And find Blame it on the Sun here:



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Friday Freebits…Blame it on the Moon by Jamie Hill…#frifreebits



Welcome to Friday Freebits! Six paragraphs of a current book or a work in progress. I’ll try to choose six good ones for you!

First, the blurb:

Dana Naughton rHill-BlameItOnTheMoon2-200x300eturns home after college to teach at the local elementary school. She’s not aware of the struggles her family is going through, but is glad to help however she can. She’s also surprised to learn that Clint Stewart, her old high school sweetheart, is now working for her father.

They immediately hit it off, and pick up where thing left off years ago. But Clint’s a hot-blooded man, and Dana’s a woman who’s decided to practice abstinence before marriage. If they can get over that hurdle, they realize they can get through anything. Until tragedy strikes, and they’re forced to face every family’s worst nightmare. “If you need to assign blame, you might as well blame it on the moon.”

“Ms. Hill has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don’t expect. Two thumbs up!” ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

“I have always thoroughly enjoyed Jamie Hill’s writings and I love the Midwest setting.” ~ Maggie, Amazon

And now the six paragraphs:

Dana paced on the other side of the room. Nothing upset her more than seeing her father cry.

It’d happened very few times. When she was little, she remembered tears when his mother died. The only other tears she could recall involved the thought of losing Catlin, in one way or another.

She watched them for a moment, trying to remember if she’d ever seen him cry over Barbara. Dana couldn’t think of one instance. She loved her mother, but Catlin was her father’s soul mate.

The doctor said, “The nurse brought you some sandwiches, try to eat.” He looked at Steve. “She hasn’t had anything but Dr. Pepper all day. You’ve got to keep your strength up if you want to be at your best for your son.”

Catlin stood. “I can’t eat. I am sick, physically sick. If I eat I’ll throw up.”

“Try to sip some milk, maybe. It’ll at least be something in your stomach.”



That’s six, sorry! Blame our Friday Freebits Hostess Ginger Simpson for the abruptness, she’s the one who chose to make it six paragraphs…LOL

Stop by Ginger’s blog and see who else is playing Friday Freebits:

Come back next week for more fun!

Find Blame it on the Moon here:

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5 Stars for Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello deletes my reviews (because I work for a publishing company I must be biased, I suppose!) Since I can’t leave reviews there, I like to offer reviews on my blog when I find a book I really want to shout about. The latest is Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello

This is Kelly’s debut novel and it’s absolutely amazing. Romantic suspense just the way I like it, characters with a sense of humor, with some very hot romance thrown in. The heat level in this one is very similar to my A Cop in the Family Series, a little steamier than mainstream, which I enjoy.

Ryli Madigan is a rookie cop who is thrust into the big leagues by circumstances. She’s smarter than she gives herself credit for, possibly because she has some demons she’s battling.

Brody McKenna is my kind of action hero, sexy, protective, and too damn funny. He knows what he should do, but it’s not always what he wants to do. Fighting a few demons himself, it’s only when the two join forces that either one of them can figure things out.

I highly recommend Remember Me? and suggest you allow a few hours to read because once you start, you won’t want to put it down.

Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello is available now at Amazon, coming soon to a bookstore near you!


Remember Me? by Kelly Janicello

As a child, Ryli Madigan witnessed a heinous murder burying it deep in her mind. Years later as a rookie police officer she takes down an armed suspect in a convenience store and finds herself assigned to the Detective’s Division. She must work with the veteran detective shot during the robbery she thwarted. Ryli clashes with Brody McKenna, who pursues her on a more personal level despite his deep-seated mistrust of women.

While tracking a serial killer Ryli is plagued by haunting nightmares. The stakes grow higher as she and Brody uncover a cold case involving her family concealed by one of their own. Brody suspects her terrifying dreams are really flashbacks. Their personal attraction
raises the stakes in their pursuit of the man responsible for a murderous spree. Will Ryli remember her past before it’s too late? 

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