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A Note From Jamie ~ Summer 2016

Summerti13445487_1134477049950430_6858695989881880855_nme in Kansas and the living is easy…and hot! Did I mention that I complain about hot weather? Yeah, it’s boiling. On the bright side I can swim to cool off, or sit in my office at the day job which is usually 54 degrees F. It’s a welcome relief, really, so I’m actually not complaining. If this past eight months has taught me anything, it’s be careful what you complain about because things can usually be worse!

I’ve slowly started writing again. It’s funny, when my husband was alive I used to long for more time to write. When he’d go out somewhere and I had time to myself, I would write and write. I always thought if I lived by myself I’d do nothing BUT write in my spare time. Then he died and I realized I hadn’t taken into account the fact that I am now doing his jobs around the house, plus mine, and ‘spare time’ is at a minimum. Plus, the job of grieving is a chore like I’ve never experienced. It took me six months to even open a document on my computer. Now, at eight months, I am slowly writing again, emphasis on the word slow.

My friend and publisher Jude Pittman and I decided to co-author a series and that way we can nudge each other along. Look for the first book in McWinter Confidential, New Directions, this September.

I’m still finding solace in my family and Netflix. My son and I just finished binge-watching Sons of Anarchy and if I wasn’t depressed before I am now, LOL It was a great series and for the most part I loved it, but man did it end rough. It had to, I get that, but wow. I’ll be reviewing it soon on my blog.

Speaking of which, I’ve moved my blog to a Blogger format, you can find the link above this post on the menu/navigation bar. I’ll save this blog for a quarterly newsletter about happenings and events in my life.

Follow me on Facebook if you’re so inclined. My books occasionally go on sale and I’ll post there when they do.

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